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Welcome on the Paradox Ressource Exploration prospecting web page!

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This is the web page for all prospectors members of Paradox Ressource Exploration [PRE], a Combine faction specialized in mining and prospecting operations.


In the midst of a galactic civil war, there must be someone you trust and turn to for the resources of production.

Originating from the small mining colonies that fueled the Old Republic, Paradox Resource Exploration is now a galaxy-wide raw materials supplier. Mining the materials that touch your life, from the Meleenium that forms the bulkheads around you to the Ryll that is used to save lives.

PRE conducts business with all beings, not prejudice of your lifestyle or affilations.
Our goal is to give you the best deals in the galaxy without the hassle.
Stop by one of our offices or contact PRE official via Comm.

©2004 Halura Mandos